Bituminous Hot Mix Asphalt

From installing residential driveways, new construction, resurfacing existing pavements, commercial parking lots, subdivision streets, municipal job sites; we know the importance of starting and completing your project in a timely fashion. We are committed to our customers satisfaction. We can assist in planning and design to achieve the professional results you need. Utilizing modern asphalt paving machines equipped with the latest automated technology assures the correct placement of Bituminous Hot Mix Asphalt .

With our experienced machine operators and skilled crew members, quality and professional results is what you can expect upon completion of your project. Also, our customers receive an instructions guide/bituminous asphalt care packet pertaining to their completed project.

NOTE: Prior to installing Hot Mix Asphalt over an existing asphalt pavement. i.e. resurfacing, the existing pavement surface must be evaluated for repairs.